samedi 29 août 2009


Hello Everyone,

My name is Evel FANFAN, lawyer and defender of the rights of the human person, President of the Executive Board of AUMOHD which is Action of University Grads Motivated for a Haiti with Law, an organization which has as its main purpose to promote the rights and dignity of the human person. This organization was created in 2002 with a group of lawyers, doctors and social workers. AUMOHD works with the most vulnerable groups of people such as the victims of the massacres which took place on August 20, 2005 carried out by the police and a group of civilians, and then on July 27, 2006 a group of more than fifty civilians assassinated, again in Martissant, Grand Ravin, a case still awaiting justice. AUMOHD with its lawyers, doctors, and social workers give legal assistance and a combination of psychosocial services to the victims.

AUMOHD has been working for two years in a program, ALST, Legal Assistance and Support for Workers, victims of arbitrary firings, victims of pressure, sexual harassment, and discrimination. Through an online program the worker victim can call for free to ask for help and, according to the case, can come to the AUMOHD office for a more involved assistance. Four (4) lawyers are available for this program for counsel, accompaniment, and support for worker-victims. According to the case assistance is given in front of the owner directly, in front of the Labor Board and on to the Labor Court. At AUMOHD's office a legal carrier is available to carry all the papers, statements and other materials for the worker. From 2007 to today AUMOHD has handled more than 400 cases, 30 of which are before the Labor Board, a dozen before the Labor Court. Among the biggest cases there is the case of victims (500 men and women) of CD Apparel against Hanes Brands and Frantz Pilorge, and the victims (200 women) of Wilbes Company. With the support of the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACILS) a session of training is given to groups of workers from different factories covering their rights and duties. Currently a training program is under way with the funding of the ACILS thanks to Ms. Cathy Feingold for a group of CD Apparel workers to become legal assistants for the industrial zone. There you have in a few words what AUMOHD is, its work and accomplishments.

Urgent needs:
More than 90% of our work is pro bono and now the demands of the worker-victims are becoming bigger and more numerous. Thus we are looking for funding that will enable us to build up our staff, our structure and infrastructure. So tell us please how you can help us.

For more information let me know.
Thank you.

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