dimanche 6 septembre 2009

Club of AUMOHD's friends for justice in Haiti

Club of AUMOHD’s friends for justice in Haiti. –
(Club Zanmi AUMOHD)

From whom does this idea come?
It is an initiative of a good friend who saw the work of AUMOHD and advised me to think about a group of friend who could work together to help AUMOHD to carry out his project which consists with the Promotion of the rights and human dignity.

What mean AUMOHD’s friends Club?
It is a group of friends, supporters, people motive to change the status quo in Haiti, and in the goal that justice is also made to the poor people.

How to be Member of the Club?
Agree with our conviction Nonviolent and Not partisan, Agree that AUMOHD is an organization Non Profit, apolitical focus only for human right.
Write a note of acceptance Yes (, I agree to be a member of the CZA/CAF, Club of AUMOHD’s Friends (Club ZANMI AUMOHD).
Pay a contribution at least of $25 USD /month. Make the promotion AUMOHD’s activities. Have information on the activities of AUMOHD, Have a bulletin of each month on AUMOHD’s activities and results.

For more information contact us.
Visit our blog: www. aumohddwamoun.blogspot.com
For any suggestion and advises write me:
Evel FANFAN, Esq.
President AUMOHD
19,Delmas 49, Port au Prince Haiti
Phone: 509-37548022 and 509-34297129

E-mail: presidentaumohd@yahoo.fr

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